The Homecoming
by Caitlin Christiana Wintour

A far fire shines like a star
as a tired traveler hopes and hurries
yet wary of the welcome she may receive.

At last to the light she wins and wonders
at a shining sight, a fair folk
who warmly welcome her to the camp of the Cliar.

The weary wanderer is soon satisfied
at friendship freely given, and gladly grants
her heart and hearth to the Cliar’s company.

Song and story the firelight fill;
words of wonder richly wrung
from smiths of song and makers of music.

For heart’s home is in friendship found
and in sorrow shared and in laughter loved.
Pleased is this pilgrim the Cliar to companion
walking as one down one bright dream.
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Cliar Cu Buidhe (Company of the Yellow Dog) is a troupe of traveling
performers and their companions, founded by Tighearna Domhnall mac
Pharlain and Baintighearna Beathog nic Dhonnchaidh, which forms a
household within the
Society for Creative Anachronism.  Membership is
open to anyone of good character who shares the group's interests and
who desires to promote the bardic arts of song, poetry and storytelling,
as well as the other performance arts of instrumental music, juggling,
dancing and medieval theater.  Companions of the household need not
be performers, but will be expected to lend support and appreciation to
the performers of the troupe and contribute to the overall atmosphere
of all household gatherings.  
At War...
Period attire, furnishings and equipment enhance the Cliar Cu Buidhe
encampment and period pavilions, although not required, will be given
preferential placement.  Mundane and non-period items, such as coolers
and aluminum cans, should be hidden from sight and kept away from the
common gathering areas.  Members are encouraged to engage in period
pastimes and duties in all common areas of the encampment, and
participate in the planning and sharing of common meals.  All members,
friends and guests of Cliar Cu Buidhe will share equally in the camp
duties, such as waterbearing, maintaining candlelight and campfire, and
general cleanup.  
At home...
Cliar Cu Buidhe, from time to time, will schedule gatherings for project
workshops to improve and enhance our encampment, music or
performance rehearsals, event planning sessions, or simply get-togethers
for meals and camaraderie.  Member attendance will be encouraged, but
not required.  Friends and guests of the household will be welcome, as
well.  These gatherings serve to build the spirit of the household and help
to provide the appropriate atmosphere for our encampment at war, as well
as our special events at home.
Each summer, Members and Friends of Cliar Cu Buidhe will gather at Osd
Cu Buidhe in Caid for a birthday celebration.  The date, and party theme,
will be chosen by the Members during the May Potrero Members' Meeting,
and will be a day long barbecue and swimming party.  The evening hours
will bring all who remain to a gathering fire for a ceilidh, for the sharing of
stories and song.  Guests are welcome by invitation, only.
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updated 5/1/12
Poetry page was updated, including Fighter Poems written for
Lord Niccolo d'Angelo, Duke Edward Senestre and Sir Mons von  

updated 10/16/11
NEW CD RELEASE!! - Cliar Cu Buidhe.  Period.
This is the latest recording by our household troupe.  Buy it now!

updated 8/4/11
Cast Iron Chef Lyondemere (6/26/11) - Domhnall and his team,
Coqs aux Vin, win!  Domhnall becomes the 2nd Cast Iron Chef
Lyondemere -
see photos!

updated 8/1/11
Gyldenholt Anniversary (6/11/11)
Mistress Caitlin takes an Apprentice - see photos!
Cliar Cu Buidhe
Tagh do chomhluadar ma'n tagh thu do dheoch.
Choose your company before you choose your drink.
Ceude mile fàilte!
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